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1. This is a muse prompt writing community intended for all muses of all fandoms, this includes canon characters and original characters. Prompts can be based around any verse you wish, they could be canon, AU or based around role playing communities, just make sure you tag them as to which category they lie in.

2. Prompts will be posted on a monthly basis and all prompts must be over 150 words in length. This community is to help inspire muns to explore their muses, or voice something that is really bugging them. Some of the prompts may even be mun based.

3. There is a limit of three muses to begin with and once you are able to keep up with monthly prompts you will be allowed up to ten muses in the community. (as long as you keep up with prompts)

4. All posts over 400 words must be put behind a cut-tag. You are allowed to post just a link to the post from your muse journal if you prefer.

5. There is no roleplaying in the community posts. Repost the prompt to your muses journal to allow rping to happen. The only comments in the community should be ooc thoughts on the prompts.

6. That said we do not monitor rp because it doesn't happen in the community. You are free to do what you like and any problems should be settled between the muns involved as we have no responsibility or authority over anything that goes on in muse journals.

7. Duplicate muses are not allowed. Muns will need to follow the application process. For that you'll need to remember the phrase that pays. Listen, do you smell something?.

8. Be respectful to your fellow writers. It's just like you learned as a child: treat others as you wish to be treated.

9. Have fun. No, seriously, have fun. Writing should be fun. If you force it you're just going to hate it.

10. If you purposely create drama or are disrespectful to your fellow writers in this community you will be removed. It is one of two ways you could be removed from the community by the mod.

11. All muses will be given a tag and all community posted replies muse have the tags used to allow easy tracking for both muns and mods.

12.Make sure you use the given prompt set-up with all posts. All you have to do is copy and paste it into the prompt and fill in the provided information. If your prompt response contains any warnings make sure you make them clear. This includes, sex, violence, drug use, taboo topics, ect. If you aren't sure if it needs a warning then it probably does. Keep in mind we are not all of age here, and some people wish to avoid some mature themes. If you fail to properly label your responses with warnings and we get more than two complaints your muse will be removed. All adult themed prompts must be behind a cut.

13. All fics need to have the following:
Muse name:
Muse fandom:
Word count

And don't forget to label the prompt.

Taken muses are listed here.
To hold a muse or put an already taken muse on a waiting list reply here.
On how to apply look here

All prompts can be found here

To suggest a prompt go here

Prompt If You Want's fen community: prompt_ifu_fen, please join to introduce your muses once you are accepted.


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